Here’s the Difference between iPhone 5 and iPhone X Charger Prices

The products of the Apple company in recent years are becoming rulers in the world technology market. Especially the smartphone products which are often called iPhone. This one device is indeed a favorite for gadget enthusiasts. This is because Apple is not half-hearted in incorporating features into every iPhone product. Not only on software or features, Apple instills various advantages. In hardware and even additional accessories Apple is also always totality. This can be seen from the charger. Unlike other battery chargers, iPhone chargers are special. This then distinguishes the price from the prices of other smartphone chargers. The price of an iPhone ori charger for one set can be priced with numbers reaching hundreds of thousands of rupiah.

Comparing iPhone Series Old and Latest Series Charger Prices

iphone x

Famous as a technology brand that carries luxury and exclusivity, Apple has never been half-hearted in providing an exclusive side to every product it makes. No exception in the case of chargers. If the charger is original, your iPhone is damaged, so you must buy a truly original charger. In addition to aiming to make your device durable, it is also useful for the security of users themselves. This is because if you use fake or counterfeit products, the charger you use can explode at any time. That’s why it is highly recommended to use an original charger even though the price of the original iPhone charger is priced at a fairly high price.

Basically for older iPhone series, it has a similar original charger type. This charger consists of two parts, namely the head or adapter that is sold separately with the USB lightning cable. This is what makes the price of an iPhone 5 charger and an iPhone 6 not have a significant difference. Both of these enhancements are sold at different prices. For the head or adapter you can get by paying around 350-370 thousand rupiah. Whereas you can get USB Lightning at a price of 380-400 thousand rupiahs with a USB length of 1 meter. So you can imagine if these two devices are damaged, then how many dollars do you have to spend to give a new original device.

The difference is also found in the battery charging device in the latest series of iPhone, iPhone X. The latest output device from this iPhone has been created better than the previous series, including in terms of charging. Besides being able to traditionally fill with a charger that must be plugged into a power source, you can also refill without using a cable with the wireless charging feature. In addition to allowing users to recharge their batteries wireless, this type of charger also allows fast charging or fast charging. With this feature, of course the price of this wireless charger is offered differently from other chargers. Compared to the price of an iPhone 6 charger, for example, a charger created for the iPhone 8, 8S and X is sold more expensive.

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The difference in features provided on the charger for iPhone X also influences the price offered. Even though it is only a support device, the price of this iPhone X charger can be priced at around 850 thousand rupiah. Certainly much more expensive when compared to the price of the previous iPhone charger. But you don’t need to worry, because this is just an enhancement. If you buy an iPhone X, you will still get a conventional charger that must be plugged into a power source. This charger will be more useful to use if you are traveling out or for traveling purposes.

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