Samsung Simple Monitor Glossy S22D300Ny Overview

With 21.5-inch screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution and at affordable price you’d expect samsung simple monitor glossy s22d300ny to be quite a deal. It looks like a perfect gaming monitor for us but other monitors review could be says otherwise.

Samsung Simple LED 21.5” Monitor with High Glossy Finish (S22D300NY)

As a perfect monitors,

the samsung 22-inch led monitor s22d300ny offers advanced features and sleek styling that fits at home or at work. mega dynamic contrast ratio technology offers enhanced picture quality. gamers will appreciate the game mode, which automatically optimizes picture quality. vga ports give you a range of connectivity options, and magic upscale ensures a sharp picture when you connect a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to view content on a larger screen. the s22d300ny offers three selectable energy-saving modes and has earned the energy star 6.0 rating for energy efficiency.

samsung 20-inch led monitor sd300h product shot

enjoy exceptional picture quality from any seating location with the sd300 series monitor. view larger.

magic upscale

magic upscale ensures a sharp picture when you connect a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
view larger.

energy saving modes

choose from three energy-saving modes. view larger.

samsung 20-inch led monitor sd300h product shot

sleek design. view larger.

sleek styling for minimalist appeal

the samsung s22d300ny monitor comes in a high-gloss finish. the sleek look blends in beautifully with your entertainment center or workspace.

game mode for a better gaming experience

optimize your gaming experience with the touch of a button. game mode accurately detects changes in scenes, enhances colors, and adjusts contrast so you see everything clearly. thanks to a faster video response, there is less of a lag so you can keep up with the action.

mega dynamic contrast ratio for a brilliant picture

samsung’s mega dcr heightens your viewing experience with a crisp, clear picture and brilliant, true-to-life colors. this technology manages contrast ratio in real time to deliver bright colors, ultra-dark blacks, and pristine whites.

magic upscale for enhanced picture without degradation

magic upscale prevents image degradation when images and videos are displayed from a laptop or another device. this technology improves your viewing experience with more brilliant colors and crisper images than you’ll see on smaller screens.

energy star logo
eco saving modes to reduce energy usage

the eco saving feature lets you choose from three energy-saving modes to meet your needs: 25 percent, 50 percent, or power saving off. if you wish to further save energy, there is a built-in timer you can set to turn the monitor off when it’s not being used. the s22d300ny monitor has earned an energy star 6.0 rating.

product information

this monitor is compatible with computers running recent versions of microsoft windows, including windows 8, or mac os x. with the stand, the monitor measures 15.16 by 20.14 by 6.96 inches (h x w x d) and weighs 6.27 pounds. it has a 21.5-inch screen and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

what’s in the box

samsung 22-inch led monitor s22d300ny, vga cable, and quick setup guide.


22-inch led monitor s22d300ny
at a glance:

  • ultra-slim black high-glossy design
  • game mode for optimized gaming performance
  • magic upscale improves picture from smaller devices
  • mega dcr for brilliant color and contrast
  • onboard vga port
samsung 20-inch led monitor sd300h product shot

game mode detects changes in scenes, enhances colors, and adjusts contrast. view larger.

choose the right samsung display monitor for you

sd300 series sd360 series sd390 series sd590 series ud590 series d310 series
s20d300h s24d360hl s27d390h s24d590pl u28d590d t28d310nh
available models s20d300h, s22d300hy, s22d300ny, s24d300hl s24d360hl, s27d360h s24d390hl, s27d390h s24d590pl, s27d590p u28d590d t28d310nh
support for ultra hd and 4k video          
mega dcr for dynamic color/contrast management
color enhancer plus          
clean view for enhanced picture quality          
magic upscale up-converts older video formats  
picture-in-picture 2.0 technology for hd dual display          
1 millisecond response time for blur-free action          
game mode
sports mode          
connectshare for viewing media on a usb drive          
elegant touch of color design        

This samsung simple led 21.5” monitor with high glossy finish (s22d300ny) due for you who want gaming monitor with 21.5-inch screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution. game mode for superior gaming performance. mega dcr for enhanced picture. magic upscale video input optimization. onboard vga port. breakthrough picture quality with magic upscale technology. consume less energy and run cooler. ultra slim design with high glossy black finish. fast response time.

It better and most comfortable to get this monitor since get an opportunity to know how real users felt about picking this gaming monitors. Reviews by individuals who have ordered this samsung simple monitor glossy s22d300ny are worth evidence to make resolutions. At the time of publishing this samsung simple monitor glossy s22d300ny review, there were more than 446 reviews on Amazon. Most of the reviews were greatly satisfied and we give rating 4.1 from 5 for this samsung simple led 21.5” monitor with high glossy finish (s22d300ny).

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