Nixeus 1920X1080 Freesync Backlight Nx Vue24B Basic Facts

If you are searching for nixeus 1920×1080 freesync backlight nx vue24b that amd free sync certified for 30hz to 144hz, you can put this nixeus 1920×1080 freesync backlight nx vue24b to your monitors list. It looks like an excellent option with under $290 price.

Nixeus 24in, 1920x1080, Full HD, 144Hz, FreeSync, LED Backlight Gaming Display Monitor (NX-VUE24B)

As an excellent monitors, nixeus vue 24″ with amd freesync technology ??

the nixeus vue 24″ is the world’s first full hd 144hz gaming monitor certified with amd freesync technology. engineered with displayport adaptive-sync technology, the nx-vue24 works with amd freesync enabled amd catalyst graphics driver and an amd freesync technology compatible amd radeon graphics to eliminate or minimize video stuttering and tearing to deliver a more immersive smoother gaming experience. by eliminating video display issues that have been plaguing pc gaming fordecades, gamers can now focus more on their games enjoying the beautiful visuals and perfecting their craft to dominate their opponents -??

no stuttering, no tearing, just gaming! ? for gamers, casual users, and content creation professionals

the nx-vue24 utilizes a gaming grade display panel that is the #1 choice of professional gamers and esports tournaments that can also benefit casual or non-gaming users.

?? 24″ 1920×1080 tn led display panel:

an industry standard resolution provides the best display size solution to create both a full hd visual immersive experience and perfect field of view allowing gamers to see and react without unnecessary eye, head and mouse movements.??

16.7 million true life colors:

srgb color gamut to produce beautiful colorful visuals that are exceptional for professional content creators and life-like gaming graphics. ??

144hz ultra high refresh rate*:

produces more fluid looking animations by allowing up to twice as many video frames that can be seen on a 144hz monitor versus a regular 60hz monitor. gaming visuals will appear much smoother and responsive. ??

1ms fast response time:

fast gtg response time to reduce ghosting to improve your gaming experience in fast twitch and fast motion games. ?

designed for multiple applications and for custom user experiences multi-input: ?

displayport, dual link-dvi, hdmi, and vga video inputs to support new and older video connections. note: only displayport and dual-link dvi connections support the 144hz ultra high refresh rate. ??

? on screen display menu (osd):

customize your nx-vue24’s display to your preference by adjusting brightness, over drive, and other settings. premium osd features include adjustable color temperature settings for red, green, and blue to allow for accurate color calibrations to enable critical color sensitive content creation work – a feature normally available in more expensive monitors.

built-in stereo speakers:

allows you to enjoy music and audio without the need for additional peripherals. ??

premium base stand: ?

base stand 15-degree tilt to customize your eye-catching visual experience. vesa mounts sized at 3.937? x 3.937? (100mm x 100mm) allow you to mount the nx-vue24 on a wall or aftermarket stand (mounting equipment not included). gamers can enjoy the gaming features and benefits of the nx-vue24, even if your existing pc gaming hardware does not support amd freesync technology. ?


* when paired with amd freesync technology, the game’s variable frame rate output will be synchronized to the nx-vue24’s variable refresh rate range of 30hz to 144hz to minimize or eliminate screen tearing and stuttering for a smoother viewing experience. ?

important note: ?

amd freesync technology is only supported with a displayport connection and compatible amd radeon graphics cards. for more information, please visit amd’s website for the list of compatible amd gpus and graphics drivers

This nixeus 24in, 1920×1080, full hd, 144hz, freesync, led backlight gaming display monitor (nx-vue24b) appropriate for peoples who are searching for gaming monitor with amd free sync certified for 30hz to 144hz. 24″ 1920×1080 tn led backlight display monitor. ultra-fast 1ms response time. vesa mounts 3.937? x 3.937? (100mm x 100mm). multi-input: displayport, dual link-dvi, hdmi, and vga. 3 year limited warranty.

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